About Us

Welcome to GETSOURCECODE.IN, home for open-source and free projects. Get Source Code is an open-source project provider. Our expertise lies in our group of talented teams that work very hard to provide you with the best out of the best open-source projects. We aim to provide not just project source code but also tutorials and blogs that will help you grow in your programming journey. You can find projects related to various topics such as C/C++, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and Android Applications. Not just that we will also guide you through your programming journey. So be on the journey of making yourself a better software developer. We mostly focus on management system projects and desktop applications.

As we provide you with open source projects, we hereby ask you to use those projects for learning and portfolio showcase only. We advise you not to use those projects for commercial benefits and marketing. Doing so may lead to copyright infringement and violation of our terms and conditions. Therefore, use projects for mostly learning and building portfolios only.

Thank you.