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Blood Bank Management System In Django With Source Code

A completely functional Blood Bank Management System in Django is a project that makes use of Python Programming and the Django Web Framework. For the first- and second-year IT students’ college projects, the following Django project has all the crucial elements. It contains several significant features that will enable interaction between all users regarding their blood donations, requests, etc. The idea behind both this system and the web application is simple, similar to real-life situations, and well-executed. Please scroll down to the bottom of this article to find the Get button if you would like to download the free blood bank management system project in Python Django with source code files.

About Blood Bank Management System Django Project

Following the Django project for a blood bank system primarily deals with blood requests, donations, patients, and donors, among other things. Additionally, the system shows all blood types together with their unit availability, donors, patients, etc. The three sections of this project are Patient, Donor, and Admin Panel. According to an overview of the online application, a user may easily register as a patient by providing information such as name, age, address, ailment, blood type, doctor’s name, and password setup. A patient can request blood from their account by filling out a form with their name, age, the reason for needing it, blood type, and total unit (ml). The request defaults to being in a pending state since the administrator must approve it.

Donor’s Panel

Particularly in comparison to that, a person may sign up to become a donor by filling out particular details, enabling them to function as a donor inside the system. Both the patient and the donor must upload their profile images during registration. A donor can examine their donation history while still giving blood. A donor must choose his or her blood type, unit, age, and any relevant disorders. The administration must additionally approve this after submitting the contribution form because the status changes by default to pending. Additionally, the donor user may submit a blood request by providing the same information as the patient, which also needs permission. The dashboard and history pages, respectively, allow the user to monitor their overall status and past events. The dashboard displays an overview of a specific account’s history under the headings of requests, approvals, rejected requests, and outstanding requests.

Administrative Panel

On the other side, the administrator has complete control over the system, including the administration of donors, patients, donations, blood requests, histories, and bloodstock. All of the donor and patient records that are currently in existence may be seen by an admin and modified. In addition, an admin has the authority to oversee requests for blood and donations and to accept or reject them as desired. The current bloodstock under each blood group increases when a blood donation is approved, but the existing bloodstock decreases when a blood donation request is approved. As a result, the system controls the flow of blood stocks and other supplies in this way since both requests and contributions are crucial to the efficient operation of the system.

Blood Stock Management and History

Each blood type has a specific amount of blood, which an administrator must manually manage. However, the administrator may also choose from any of the blood groups that are offered and enter specific units to update the current stock. The majority of bloodstock is automatically maintained by maintaining the right flow of blood donations and requests. The unit in this system is expressed in milliliters. The administrator can also examine a summary of all blood groups that are available, along with their total units and records of all donors, requests, blood units, and authorized requests. Last but not least, the administrator may see the history of blood requests, which shows all the data, including the patient’s name, age, cause, unit, request date, and stock status.

Available Features:
  • Admin Panel
  • Donor’s Panel
  • Patient’s Panel
  • Make Blood Request
  • Donate Blood
  • Blood Request Histories
  • Donation Histories
  • Donor Management
  • Patient Management
  • Donation Management
  • Blood Request Management
  • Manage Blood Stocks
Project Name:Blood Bank Management System Django
Language/s Used:Python with Django Web Framework
Type:Web Application
Developer:Sumit Kumar
project overview

How to Run?

  • After you finish downloading the project, unzip the project file and head over to the project root folder.
  • You can also create a Virtual Environment and Activate it.
  • Open your Terminal/Command Prompt on the project’s root folder.
  • Install the Requirements: pip install -r requirements.txt.
  • Then, make database migrations: python makemigrations
  • python migrate
  • And finally, after a successful migration run the application: python runserver
  • At last, open up your favorite web browser
  • Go to URL “[ PORT_NUMBER ]/“
  • For the Admin Login credentials, you have to create one with a superuser.

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