Food Order System In C#

Food Order System In C# With Source Code

Food Order System In C#: Hey everyone, in this today’s topic of desktop application development we are going to talk about the food ordering system project and its development phase and deployment process. In this fast-paced evolving internet world, we want to keep everything in digital form. Be it anything.

One of them is this awesome project in C#. We will be looking at its development phase and how we can build this project. To achieve our goal, we will be using the C#(C sharp) programming language for development. Since there is no backend we won’t use the MySQL database to store the application’s data.

Our project will help the students as well as the inspiring software Engineers who want to enhance the logic building plus the art of building the desktop application. Keeping in mind of the reaching audience, we will keep this desktop application minimal and easy to build. So that the students can get the best out of this project.

This project’s food ordering system is very much user-friendly and easy to navigate as well. Our project includes some best salient features which we will be discussing in the later section of this post. It has a variety of tools that allow customers to manage their orders.

This system’s and the desktop application’s concepts are both obvious. It’s the same as real-life circumstances and has been well-implemented. Please scroll down to the bottom of this page for the Download button to get a free Food Order System In C# with source code files.

Project Setup

Before we start building this project, we assume that the learner or say the student should have basic knowledge of C Sharp programming language. You can use any code editor for this project, but we prefer to use Visual Studio. This is a full-stack project. We will have a main index file and several other components folders. Our main file i.e. main.cs, will hold the entire application and its behavior.

About Food Order System In C# Project

Our major objective in building this project is to keep track record of the customer food orders. This system will help the Admin to keep record of customers’ orders and bill reports. Like any other orthodox management system, our modern application will help the admins to get the payment online keeping the heckling process of traditional payments.

Here in this project, the order is taken on the basis of token number. Most of the system is from the customer section. Our customers can directly interact with our application to give food orders. The user can select their desired food from the application’s menu. Then the user can simply select it and get the token number. The system will generate an automatic bill for the customer’s order. Users can only select the available options from the menu.

The user can cross-check the receipt they get while they order food and pay their due amount at the cashier tables. The billing amount will be the total price of the food plus the taxes and service charges as well. There is no database in the project, so it makes it easier for the students in the learning process


  • Order Food instantly.
  • Print Bills
  • Reset your order
  • Token system

How to Run?

Since this system does not have any backend, you don’t have to connect it to any database server.

  • After you finish downloading the project, unzip the project file.
  • After setting up all these, open the project folder.
  • Simply open up the (.sln) file. [For this you need to have Visual Studio installed on your machine]
  • To start the program, press the green “Start” button on the Visual Studio toolbar.
  • Since there is no login system, you can start it instantly.


Click the download button below to start downloading these files.

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