Array From Given String

How to create an Array from a given string In JavaScript

Hey guys, in this today’s topic, we will talk about how to create an array from a given string. So basically this will be a short blog post that will help you to understand the basics of string manipulation. We will use JavaScript as our programming language. We will also look at some examples and their limitations too.

As a programmer and a developer, we constantly try to figure out different approaches for a specific problem. Trying to figure out the optimal solution is what I have always looking for as a developer. And it is always good to find different solutions to a specific problem so that we can choose the one that is easy to understand and optimized.

How To Create an array from a given string

We all know how powerful JavaScript is. JavaScript provides some handy and time-saving methods and functions. We can use those methods or functions to manipulate our Strings and Arrays in JavaScript.

When JavaScript was in its early phase, it supported the split() method(before es6, not es5 as the split was introduced in the ES5 version). But after the arrival of ES6 and the above specifications, several new methods are also introduced features like, Object.assign()spread operator and Array.from. We use these modern methods for manipulating the strings and arrays.

Using the Split Method

We use the split() method to convert the string into an array. When we apply the method to a string, then it returns us back with the substring in an array. The split() method takes delimiter as its parameter and then on the basis of the argument it receives, it then splits the given string. Let us look at an example below

let sentence = "Some Cool Text Here";
let toArray = sentence.split(" ");
//output = ['Some','Cool','Text','Here']

Code with Explanation:

In the above example, we pass " " as a delimiter argument and the string we receive will be an array. If we change the delimiter with a comma, then we will get a comma separate value

Using The Spread Operator

We can create an array of substrings using the spread operator. The spread operator will simply treat each value as different than that of counting it as a single word. However, you can find more about the spread operator in the MDN Docs for more specific details.

let sentence = "Some,Cool,Text,Here";


//output = ['S', 'o', 'm', 'e', ' ', 'C', 'o', 'o', 'l', ' ', 'T', 'e', 'x', 't', ' ', 'H', 'e', 'r', 'e']


That’s it guys for this simple JavaScript Array Manipulations blog. These are some of the naive methods to create an Array from the given string in JavaScript. It is also important to note that these simple things are quite often asked in the JavaScript Technical Interviews too. So it is important for us to know to about these simple Array manipulation methods. We will also be updating this blog post as we update more on different ways to for creating an Array From Given String topic in the near future. Mostly it will be a more advanced topic that we will cover in the near future.

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