Sales And Inventory Management System

Sales And Inventory Management System In PHP CodeIgniter

Sales And Inventory Management System: A simple project to keep track of your sales and inventory reports. IT students in their second and final years of college can use this PHP CodeIgniter project below, which has all the necessary components, for their projects. Users may manage all of their inventory sales transactions as well as a variety of other tasks thanks to the capabilities it provides. This system’s and the online application’s concepts are straightforward, applicable to real-world circumstances, and well-executed. If you would like to download the free Sales and Inventory System project in the PHP CodeIgniter Framework with source code files, please scroll down to the bottom of this post to find the Download button.

What is the main goal of the Sales And Inventory Management System Project?

Your business accepts cash or permits payment on account (such as a shop card or a credit card) in exchange for goods at the point of a sale (be this face to face or on a website). Along with a corresponding outflow of product inventories, this generates an influx of cash or revenue. The fundamental goal of a comprehensive sales and inventory management software system is to maximize efficiency by keeping track of all the variables that are involved in an exchange. Previously, businesses had to finish separate record-keeping procedures for both the income and the change in inventory. Each element is brought together with a single entry in the software program when using a sales and inventory management solution.

About Sales and Inventory Management System Project

Continuing onward, the management of transactions in connection to overall sales, etc., is the primary focus of this PHP CodeIgniter project for a sales and inventory system. The system also displays all of the information about products, sales, transactions, etc. that is available. When showing sales records, the system also visualizes sales data using bar graphs. The project is divided into two sections: Admin and Employee Panel. According to an overview, the administrator of this web application gets access to every feature that is offered by the system. The admin has the power to manage inventory by entering the item code, name, price per unit, total quantity, and description. With each addition of an inventory item, the system also automatically calculates the total worth of goods and shows them to the user.

Sales Management and Receipts

The user can quickly move on to manage sales after managing inventories. Before filling up the required number of fields, the system user must first input an item code for the transaction of each relevant item. For each item code, the system shows the name of the product, the amount that is available, and the price per unit. Along with the product quantity, the manner of payment (Cash, POS, Cash, and POS), and the amount of money that was offered, the administrator must also enter the customer’s name, contact information, and email address. Once all of these forms have been submitted, the system creates invoice receipts for the sales that include information about the company as well as each individual transaction. By clicking on the code id of each record that is open, the user can examine the receipt for each item under the sales section.

Analytics and Sales Summary

Speaking of the employee panel, an admin has the power to manage a system user’s account for an employee. Similar to the administrator, the system user has access to all transactions, receipts, charts, and summaries, but they are unable to manage people, database items, or inventory items. The primary duty of an employee is to supervise the sales transaction. Additionally, based on the product names and ids, both the administrator and the employee can filter and search transaction details as well as export all of the available data. Without interfering with the system’s internal operations, an employee account makes it easier for other users to manage the system’s visible components.

Available Features:
  • Admin Panel
  • Employee Panel
  • Inventory Management System
  • Manage Sales Transactions
  • Database Management
  • System User Management
  • VAT, Discounts
  • Analytics – Bar Graph and Pie-Chart
  • Sales Summary – High/Low Product Demands
  • Sales Summary – High/Low Earning Products
  • Daily Transactions
  • Transactions by Month, Year
  • Generate Sales Report
  • All-Time Total Earnings
Project Name:Sales and Inventory Management System
Language/s Used:PHP with CodeIgniter Web Framework
PHP version (Recommended):5.6.3 or Newer
Type:Web Application
Developer:Amir Sanni
project overview

How to Run?

Before you run this project make sure to install XAMPP first and then follow these steps below.

  • After you finish downloading the project, unzip the project file and head over to your XAMPP directory.
  • There you’ll find a folder named “htdocs”.
  • Inside the “htdocs” folder, paste the project folder (not the .zip one, but the extracted one).
  • Open your favorite browser; we recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Then, go to the URL “http://localhost/phpmyadmin“.
  • Create a Database with a name that is provided inside the “01 LOGIN DETAILS & PROJECT INFO.txt”.
  • Click on the “Import” tab and choose the database file (.sql) which is provided under the folder naming “DATABASE FILE”.
  • After setting up all these, go to the URL “http://localhost/[ PROJECT_FOLDER_NAME ]/“
  • All the login details are provided inside the project folder, check that out and enter in order to use it.
  • Remember: Do not change the project’s folder name without updating the $config['base_url']

You now have a complete PHP setup for the Sales And Inventory Management System Project. PHP Version 5.6.3 or 7.4.12 are needed for this specific PHP project since the project might not function properly with the most recent PHP version. Therefore, users of the most recent PHP version (more than 7.4.12) may experience a variety of issues when using it. Because of this, you must currently downgrade your PHP version (only if you’re using the most recent version). Download the free PHP and MySQL Sales And Inventory Management System Project. As a result, this library system is a completely functional PHP project for all beginning and intermediate levels that broadens extensive expertise in such PHP web applications. In conclusion, the entire PHP project is a valuable project with open source code that allows consumers to learn more about it.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

What does a POS System Do?

A POS helps you to keep records and information for your inventory software. This project is for students who are willing to learn web application development and also who wants to become a software engineer. Overall this project is quite useful for keeping information and records of your sales. You can generate your reports and later audit them for your use.

Sales And Inventory Management System Project Documentation Report PDF

Sales And Inventory Management System Project Documentation Report PDF, you can download this report from our blog post section. Here you will get an insight into making a good project report. Making a good project report helps you to understand the system software much better and makes its use case easier.

Free Sales And Inventory Management System In PHP CodeIgniter with Source Code:
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