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Simple Attendance Management System In PHP With Source Code

A simple attendance management system project in PHP. The PHP project shown below contains every component required for first- and second-year IT students to use in their academic assignments. It has essential components that will enable all users to communicate in a manner similar to how student attendance systems connect with them in order to maintain track of their attendance. This system’s premise is simple, relevant to real-life situations, and well-implemented in both the web application and this system. To access the Download button for a free Simple Attendance Management System in PHP with source code files, scroll down to the bottom of this article.

Why is the Simple Attendance System in PHP important?

Why it’s vital to use a simple PHP attendance record system. Start and stop times are monitored and tracked utilizing time and attendance systems for Simple Attendance System in PHP. A time and attendance system can be used by an employer to monitor late arrivals, early departures, break times, and absenteeism in addition to an employee’s working hours.

What are the advantages of the Attendance Portal Project in PHP?

A register management system has benefits such as increased productivity, cost savings, and legal compliance. The Online Record portal in PHP is a state-of-the-art method for monitoring and controlling staff and student attendance. These resources can include attendance tracking software. This tool becomes a very effective method when the word “online” is included.

About Attendance Management System Project

Moving on, the main goal of this straightforward PHP project for an attendance system is to interact with students regarding their attendance and records. The system also shows all the information that is accessible, including information on the teacher, the student, and their respective attendance. Three categories—Admin Panel, Student Panel, and Teacher’s Panel—are used to categorize the project. According to an overview of this online application, the admin has the ability to add student and instructor data as well as create new users. The project administrator has access to all student and teacher records that are currently available. The teacher’s account allows him or her to maintain attendance for a certain topic and filter student data. Additionally, the student is limited to seeing records and attendance reports.

How does this management system work?

Automated time and attendance systems make it easier to keep track of when employees start and finish shifts. These solutions offer mobile apps and remote clock-in options for scattered or remote workforces. Data is sent into your payroll system through workforce reports and exports from time and attendance systems. How the attendance tracking system functions

Available Features:

  • Admin Panel
  • Student Panel
  • Teacher Panel
  • Add student & teacher data
  • Filter teacher & students
  • Maintain Attendance
  • Attendance Report
  • Admin Panel
  • Student Panel
  • Teacher Panel
  • Add student & teacher data
  • Filter teacher & students
  • Maintain Attendance
  • Attendance Report
Project Name:Simple Attendance Management System
Language/s Used:PHP
PHP version (Recommended):5.6.3
Type:Web Application
Developer:Tushar Garg
Simple Attendance Management System – Project Information

How to Run?

  • After you finish downloading the project, unzip the project file and head over to your XAMPP directory.
  • There you’ll find a folder naming “htdocs”.
  • Inside the “htdocs” folder, paste the project folder (not the .zip one, but the extracted one).
  • Open your favorite browser; we recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Then, go to URL “http://localhost/phpmyadmin“.
  • Create a Database with a name that is provided inside the “01 LOGIN DETAILS & PROJECT INFO.txt”.
  • Click on the “Import” tab and choose the database file (.sql) which is provided under the folder naming “DATABASE FILE”.
  • After setting up all these, go to the URL “http://localhost/[ ENTER_PROJECT_FOLDER_NAME_HERE ]
  • All the login details are provided inside the project folder, check that out and enter in order to use it.

And there you have it—a complete setup for the PHP MySQL Simple Attendance Management System Project. PHP Version 5.6.3 is necessary for this specific PHP project since the project cannot be run with the most recent PHP version. Therefore, users of the most recent PHP version (more than 5.6.3) may have a variety of issues when using it. Because of this, you must currently downgrade your PHP version (only if you’re using the most recent version). Get the source code for the free PHP and MySQL project called Attendance Management System. It may yet be expanded to include more features to make it more complete.

Free Download Simple Attendance Management System Project in PHP with Source Code:
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