Simple React Shopping Cart

Simple React Shopping Cart Using MongoDB With Source Code

A Simple React Shopping Cart project allows you to add your favorite product to the cart list. This is a simple project that has a backend as well. For this, we use the Mongoose database. The project’s concept is very simple, just add products to the cart and then proceed to check out.  The react project includes all of the essential components that first-year IT students may utilize for their own research. This project helps students with real-world applications. To download this online coffee delivery reactjs app project for free scroll download and click the download button.

About The Simple React Shopping Cart Project

Now talking about this project’s features and other aspects, it allows us to buy products online. To use this awesome project, you have to register first. So first of all create an account for this shopping cart in the first place. When the registration is complete then the user can add the product to the cart list. The main aim of this project is to provide the add-to-cart functionality to the users as well as students. So if you are a student who is learning frontend development then this is a great and simple project to start with. Also not to mention that it also requires immense patience to learn some new technologies out there. As a software developer you can also get an overview of some different approach for simple react shopping cart project.

Now returning to the project features here are some of the features listed:

  • Account Creation
  • Protected Authorization
  • Search Products
  • Add Prodcuts to cart
  • Checkout

How To Run Simple React Shopping Cart project

Running this project is simple. Simply follow these steps. Since this project has a backend, repeat the below steps inside the backend part as well.

  • Firstly check that node js is installed on your pc. If Not download and install.
  • secondly, you have to open the code folder on any code editor.
  • If you are using Vs Code, then simply open the code editor and your project.Then open a new terminal (ctrl + shift + ~ ==> will open a new terminal).
  • run this command `npm install`
  • then `npm start
  • If you want to run without a code editor directly, then follow these steps: Open a terminal(command prompt or git bash)
  • goto your project root directory(cd folder name)
  • then again type `npm install` and then after installation `npm start`

If npm fails to run the project, you can use the Yarn package manager instead. Take the following steps:

  • AT first, Open your windows terminal
  • after that type `npm i –global yarn`. This will install your yarn package manager globally.
  • After the installation, repeat the same commands above but use yarn instead of npm.
  • `yarn install` and then to start `yarn start`.

Download Simple React Shopping Cart Using MongoDB Project with Source Code For Free:
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