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Simple Recipe Finder Web Application In JavaScript With Source Code For Free

Simple recipe finder web application in javascript with source code is a modern and user-friendly MVC architecture-based web application. The project helps the user to find and search for recipes for their favorite dishes. The simple recipe finder web application is completely built with HTML SASS and JavaScript. Its UI is simple and user-friendly. You can use this awesome project as your assignment test or a group project.

If you want to directly download the project without following the blog(we advise you to not ) then scroll down to the page. You will find the download button there. Click the button and download the project with its source code for free. But if you want to get the insight and working mechanics of the application, then do follow this blog.

Case Study Of Recipe Finder Application

Now when we look or surf through the internet searching for food items, we encounter too many websites with their version of recipes and food items. So like those applications, we will try to recreate a recipe finder application.

So keeping this thing in mind, we wanted to create a similar type of messaging platform. This messaging platform is simple and very much user-friendly. To build this project, our tech stack is minimal and small. We will use plain JavaScript for programming and HTML & SASS for frontend development and MaterialUI for using the design materials. For the backend part, we will use the above-mentioned tech. Our application will be secured with login credentials so that there will no unauthorized users on our platform.

About Recipe Finder Web Application

Talking about the simple recipe finder web application in javascript with source code, firstly the project is three main files. The entire concept of this project is to search and find the recipes they are looking for. Here, the users can enter the search terms of any kind of food they are looking for. The search result will display all the available results. Users can click any of the food recipes to find the details about the recipe they are looking for.

You can also find the direction for cooking the food item and also the ingredients you will need. This project strictly follows the MVC architecture. Yes MVC, you can start building the project after you download it. You can see the architecture of the project which may help you understand its concept.

This project offers you much more than this. As a beginner, you can easily figure out how this project works. This project has some rich features like sorting the search results, pagination, servings manager, and much more which we will discuss later in this post.

Create Recipe

One of the features of this project is that it allows you to create your own custom recipes as well. All you have to do is to enter the details and save them. This application will automatically save your recipes to the local storage so whenever you visit the application and search for them you can find them easily.

Features Of Recipe Finder application

  • Sorting:- Yes you can sort the recipes you search for.
  • Manage Servings:- You can manage the number of serving to the people and find the cooking directions and time it requires to cook the dish.
  • Manage Servings:- You can manage the number of serving to the people and find the cooking directions and time it requires to cook the dish.
  • Pagination:- Any recipes you search, you will get the first 10-14 search results and you can click the next button for more recipes.

How To Run This Project

It’s very simple to run this project. Just follow the steps:

  • Make sure you have node.js installed on your system if not then download it first.
  • After that, you open the project in your favorite code editor(VS Code is preferable).
  • If you are using Vs Code then, simply open the code editor and open your project.
    • Then open a new terminal (ctrl + shift + ~ ==> will open a new terminal).
    • run this command `npm install`
    • then `npm start`
  • If you want to directly run without a code editor, then follow these steps:
    • open a terminal(command prompt or git bash)
    • goto your project root directory(cd folder name)
    • then again type `npm install` and then after installation `npm start`

In case npm gives you any kind of error then you can run the project with the Yarn package manager instead. Follow these steps:

  • Open your windows terminal
  • the type `npm i –global yarn`. This will install your yarn package manager globally.
  • After the installation, repeat the same commands from the above but use yarn instead of npm.
  • `yarn install` and then to start `yarn start`.

Download Simple Recipe Finder Web Application In JavaScript With Source Code

Click the download button below to start downloading the file.

If the above download didn’t work then click the button below

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