space shooter game in unity

Space Shooter Game In Unity Engine With Source Code

Space Shooter Game In Unity Engine is a simple arcade game. The main objective of this is to help the students to get a grasp of the Unity Game Engine. Numerous components, including a C# script, audio, animation, prefabs, and an application(.exe) file, are included in the project file. This is a single-player shooting arcade game that may be played on any platform, but it was explicitly made for PCs. In terms of gameplay, the user must avoid or fire opponents and meteorite barriers. Gain more score points by eliminating obstacles and adversaries, however, the game is ended if you are touched by any challenges or are fired at by adversaries.

About The Space Shooter Game Project

Talking about this project, it is simple and easy to use. The game controls are easy to understand and also the game. PC controls consist of the CTRL key for shooting and the Left, Right, Up, and Down Arrow Keys for movement. Beginners’ degree of difficulty.

How To Run?

Before you run this project make sure to install Unity Game Engine.

Then follow the steps below

  • First, download the project file.
  • Then extract the game file.
  • Open your Unity Game Engine
  • After that select the import project option from the main menu
  • Then after importing the game file you can see the Unity Game Engine Panel.
  • Then make sure you install the plugins
  • Then simply hit the run button
  • there you go your game is ready

And there you have it, a full setup of the Space shooting game project in the unity game engine. At First, you need to have Unity Studio installed on your local machine, whereas the remaining modules are under the file. Still, the versions may vary according to different project requirements, you can make use of it with C# programming. Also, Download the Free Space shooting game Project in C# Source Code. So, this game is a fully functional project for all beginners. Indeed, it helps to broaden vast knowledge into such making games. In conclusion, this whole project with free source code is an absolute project and a meaningful way for the users to learn and explore more about it.


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