tic tac toe game in reactjs

Tic Tac Toe Game In ReactJs With Source Code

Tic Tac Toe Game In ReactJs: A simple classic tic tac toe game built with React library. The UI is modern and very engaging in terms of user experience. Here all you have to do is just download this project and then start playing it. There is nothing new in this game. Everything is the same but with a more clean and modern design. The two players in the paper and pencil game of tic-tac-toe alternately mark the spaces on a three-by-three grid with an X or an O. The winner is the player who successfully arranges three of their marks in a row that is either horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.

Technologies Used

  • ReactJS
  • Framer motion

📖 How to Run

To clone and run this application, you’ll need Git and ReactJS installed on your computer. From your command line:

  • Firstly check that node js is installed on your pc. If Not download and install.
  • secondly, you have to open the code folder on any code editor.
  • If you are using Vs Code, simply open the code editor and your project.Then open a new terminal (ctrl + shift + ~ ==> will open a new terminal).
  • run this command `npm install`
  • then `npm start
  • If you want to run without a code editor directly, then follow these steps: Open a terminal(command prompt or git bash)
  • goto your project root directory(cd folder name)
  • then again type `npm install` and then after installation `npm start`

If npm fails to run the project, you can use the Yarn package manager instead. Take the following steps:

  • First, Open your windows terminal
  • after that type `npm i –global yarn`. This will install your yarn package manager globally.
  • After the installation, repeat the same commands above but use yarn instead of npm.
  • `yarn install` and then to start `yarn start`.

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Note! for educational purpose only

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