Top JavaScript Project Ideas For Students

Top JavaScript Project Ideas With Source Code For Beginners: JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages for the web. The reason we use JavaScript for our web pages is for making them dynamic and have some functionality with them. Many websites use the lightweight object-oriented programming language JavaScript to write web pages. It is an interpreted, full-featured programming language that, when used with an HTML page, provides dynamic interactivity on websites. Users may add applications to web pages with the Netscape Navigator browser after it was initially published in 1995. Here you can read this blog to find awesome JavaScript Project Ideas.

Since then, it has been accepted by every other graphical web browser. JavaScript enables users to build interactive, real-time online apps without constantly refreshing the page. On a typical website, JavaScript is utilized to offer various forms of simplicity and interactivity. Businesses are always searching for skilled JavaScript developers who can provide original GitHub JavaScript projects. The best thing you can do as a novice JavaScript programmer is to work on some real-time JavaScript projects.

Let’s check some features of JavaScript First

  • Since JavaScript is JIT(just-in-time) compiled language and has built-in execution environments, it supports major browsers available.
  • JavaScript is an object-oriented and prototype-based programming language.
  • The syntax and framework of JavaScript are built on top of the C computer language. The classification of it as a structured programming language follows.
  • The language is case-sensitive.
  • Operating systems including Windows, macOS, and Linux are all compatible with JavaScript.

Whether you’re searching for JavaScript projects for novice programmers, intermediate programmers, or expert programmers, we’ve put together a list of JavaScript project ideas you can get started on right now. This is a fantastic collection of tasks for both inexperienced and experienced users. When you find a JavaScript project that interests you and is appropriate for your skill level, click the project link. You can use the source code for any of these free JavaScript projects offered in this post as a resource.

Top JavaScript Project Ideas

1. JavaScript Calculator

Calculators are entertaining, so to start, we’ll create a straightforward JavaScript calculator. To make all the components operational, we’ll use basic HTML and CSS constructs as well as JavaScript functions. Also, it is one of the top JavaScript Project Ideas for the students to begin with. To show buttons and numbers and to make them more aesthetically pleasing, we’ll need HTML and CSS. Additionally, we’ll use JavaScript to code the buttons to do their functions. Link To Source Code

2. JavaScript Alarm Clock
JavaScript Project Ideas
alarm clock

The usage of clocks is universal. A clock that can be created using JavaScript would be fantastic. It’s likely that you’re using a web application or a webpage that uses JavaScript code to support self-updating time elements, such as clocks. This suggests that JavaScript clocks are important for developing JavaScript projects as well as practicing the kind of work you’ll be performing as a JavaScript developer. Also, it is one of the top JavaScript Project Ideas for the students to begin with. Below, you can find the source code for a highly attractive and interactive clock. Link To Source Code

3. Hex Color Application

You may make the web a little more attractive by using this simple hex color application. Also, it is one of the top JavaScript Project Ideas for the students to begin with. This application allows you to change the background color and display the color’s hexadecimal value with the click of a single button. Working on this project will teach you how to use click to link a function to a button. A function in this project created a random hex color and set it as the background color. Learning this would be helpful because buttons are a common feature of current online applications. Link To Source Code

4. Random Funny Quote Generator JavaScript Project Ideas
JavaScript Project Ideas
random quote generator

We can help if you’re seeking some motivation. In this project, you’ll create an app that randomly displays well-known phrases whenever a button is clicked. You can show a quotation from a well-known athlete, politician, or historical figure. One Should know basic JavaScript syntaxes like variables, loops, and object literals in order to complete this project. You may effectively and enjoyably practice your foundational JavaScript abilities with this project. You may utilize the little interactive portfolio component there to show off your understanding of JavaScript. Link To Source Code

5. Tip Calculator
JavaScript Project Ideas
tip calculator

You won’t need to ask the other diners at the table who should get the tip if you use our tip calculator. To assist you in determining how much to tip at restaurants when the occasion calls for it, we’ve created this tip calculator using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Despite how straightforward the concept may look, it is really challenging to put into practice.

6. Countdown Timer

It is more challenging than it seems to construct a basic timer. Though it is simple to use the same setInterval technique as in the digital clock project in order to display the correct time. It turns out that in this instance the technique is ineffective. For this project, we create variables to store different time-related data, such as when the time started, when it stopped, and how long the time was halted. Without these variables and the computations we do with them, our digital clock would be unable to show the time that has passed.

7. Todo List
todo list

You can create a simple to-do list that you can use for managing your daily tasks with ease. Let’s use our grocery list to go supermarket shopping. You may keep a list of the things you need to buy using this wonderful software; you only need to add the items. You may also remove any unnecessary entries from your list.

8. BMI Calculator

You can create BMI Calculator for all the fitness freaks out there. The BMI Calculator takes your height and weight as input and gives your BMI (Body Mass Index) as an output. BMI is a figure derived from a person’s height and weight. We will need the user’s input (height and weight), which will be saved in the height and weight variable for subsequent computation, in order to determine BMI. We shall simply divide the weight in kilos by the square of the height to arrive at the computation. It will now carry out the appropriate if-else statement in accordance with the BMI determined. We also look to see whether the user clicks the submit button without providing any data; if so, we publish the user’s height or weight. By using HTML, we can provide the appropriate structure, input options, and submit button.

Intermediate JavaScript Project Ideas You Should Try

9. Happy Bouncing Balls

A bouncing ball may be created and several bouncing motions can be applied to it using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Some people may find joy in seeing the colorful dancing balls move around the screen.

10. JavaScript Form Validator

Many websites employ client-side form validation to check user information, card information, address information, and other data. The user can enter a number, leave the field blank, type only one character, etc. if the name of the field is required. JavaScript makes it straightforward to implement each of these validations. Let’s have a look at a straightforward form validation project example. As is common, HTML elements will also be necessary. JavaScript offers the ability to do form validation on the client side, which speeds up data processing compared to server-side validation. JavaScript form validation is preferred by the majority of web developers. Data from forms may be validated using JavaScript on the client computer before being sent to the web server. In general, form validation serves two purposes. Basic Validation The form must first be reviewed to ensure that all of the required fields are filled in.

11. Guess The Number

The goal of this entertaining game is to program a game in which the player must predict a number between 1 and 100 that is created randomly. This game may be made by you as well. Below is a link to the project’s source code. The computer system of any such gadget generates a number at random that humans are unable to predict. This random number generator is used by developers or coders to meet their business objectives. Programmatically, this number can either be restricted to the range that has been defined or left unbounded. We will learn about JavaScript’s random number generation in this topic. We will learn about JavaScript’s random number generator in this topic.

12. Whack-a-mole game

Everyone has probably played this game at least once in their lifetime. A typical Whack-A-Mole machine includes a large, plush black mallet and a waist-level cabinet with a play area and a display screen. Small plastic moles that randomly appear are put into five holes on the top of the play area. Points are awarded for hitting each mole as it emerges. The quicker the response, the higher the score.

  • A function that generates a random length of time for the mole to peep.
  • A function that selects a random hole for the mole to peep from.
  • Using the two functions above, create a function to make the mole emerge out of the random hole.
  • A start-up function for the game.
13. Rock Paper Scissors game

The game Rock Paper Scissors must be well-known to everyone who hasn’t been living under a rock. In the traditional two-player hand game of rock, paper, and scissors, each player simultaneously makes one of three shapes with their outstretched hand. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could use JavaScript to implement it? The activity provided here is a straightforward rock, paper, scissors (DOM) project.

Advance Level JavaScript Project Ideas

14. Real-time Weather app

With the help of Vanilla JS, HTML, and CSS, you can create a weather app utilizing the project. The teacher utilizes the Dark Sky API to obtain meteorological data, giving you a fantastic opportunity to learn how to interact with APIs—another fantastic JavaScript feature. The only challenge you could have is understanding how to utilize JavaScript to communicate with an API. But I assure you that won’t be a problem. You’re going to create a weather app that shows weather information from the API in the following ways: a symbol for the current weather status, the temperature (18°C) in Celsius, and a description of the weather (clear sky).

15. Movie App

Using API calls from The Movie Database, this movie app was created with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and Bootstrap. To retrieve movies from The Movie Database, it makes API requests. The most well-liked films may be seen, arranged by genre, or found using the search bar. The goal is to display the information related to your favorite movies and tv shows along with documentaries. There is nothing much complexity while designing the web application. You can just click and browse movies and watch their details. You can also watch the movie trailer. 

16. Real-Time Chat Application

Why don’t we create our own chat program? A complete real-time chat application will be created. We’ll use React on the front end and NodeJS with the web socket library on the back end. By the time you finish this project, you’ll understand how to send and receive messages using web sockets and to build any real-time application. The main key takeaway from this project is that ChatEngine.IO handles the entire backend of this fantastic web app.

So you don’t have to worry about handling the API requests and validations at all. Well, let’s talk about this awesome project. Here, you can create as many users as you want for your community. You can provide them with their login details and allow them to join your chat group. Not only this, but the admin can also remove the user if he/she wants to. The design is simple and very much easy to use.

17. File Sharing App

Every time you wish to transfer data from one device to another, you require a file-sharing program. This is a sample app that shows how to build a safe file-sharing app using JavaScript and the Virgil Crypto Library. After completing the steps in the setup section, you will be able to download, decode, and watch encrypted media files from a browser.

18. Instagram Clone

Instagram is a well-known social networking platform for sharing pictures. After doing this task, you will be able to replicate Instagram exactly. There is a problem, though. Users should be able to take advantage of features like to those on Instagram. likes, tagging, and image posting, for instance.

This app features all the latest tools and practices in web development-

  • React JS — A JavaScript library for building user interfaces
  • Node JS — A web framework for Node JS
  • Postgres — A cross-platform and open-source document-oriented database
  • Redis — A platform for caching
  • JWT — A library for authentication of users
  • Context — A state handler
19. Expense Manager Application

This react application has one very handy feature i.e. you can use voice command for managing your entire expenses. The entire concept of this project relies on this voice command feature. You can create your day-to-day expense without any difficulties. You also, do not have to worry write it down manually. All you can do is simply hold or press the mic button and say your command. It allows the user to specifically select expense categories. On the basis of the category you select, the app will automatically perform the necessary task for you. Also, you can delete your expenses at ease.

The UI is simple and interactive for any kind of user. Since this project uses Material UI for its component designing, you can also learn about the material UI. Presenting a new cost tracker application in React project, which offers a user panel with important features to follow up on, as well as a knowledgeable resource for learning reasons.

JavaScript projects: Why are they so important?

The fact that 94.5 percent of websites presently include JavaScript shows how important this web technology is. JavaScript is a client-side programming language that enables web designers to create unique client-side scripts to enhance the interactivity and dynamic nature of online pages. At the same time, programmers may use cross-platform runtime engines like Node.js to write JavaScript server-side code. They can even combine JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 to create web pages that work on all platforms, devices, and browsers. Any contemporary web developer should be acquainted with JavaScript and know how to utilize all of its capabilities for a variety of additional reasons.

JavaScript knowledge may open up a wide range of challenging and rewarding career prospects, like designing mobile and desktop applications, building dynamic websites from the ground up, becoming a UI/UX designer, or even becoming a full-stack developer. Projects are the natural next step in raising your resume’s star rating if you are familiar with the basics of JavaScript. If you have no prior experience with programming, you can sign up for some introductory JavaScript lessons and then come back to these projects. If you have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS, the majority of JavaScript projects using the source code listed above will be clear to you.


We have provided various examples in JavaScript that fall into the categories of beginner, moderate, and advanced. These tasks will improve your JS abilities and greatly benefit your portfolio. Nearly all of the important JavaScript tenets are covered. Moreover building these projects will allow you to land a Software Developer job as well. So building this kind of project not only helps you learn but also improves your project design as well as project logical thinking too. We suggest you do not hurry and start building all at the same time. Start with the most basic one and play around with it for some time. Once you are confident enough then try the other major projects by using them with libraries and frameworks.

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