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URL Shortener Project In NodeJs With Source Code

A straightforward URL shortener project in Node.js and Express.js. The Nodejs project below includes all the components that first-year IT students will need for their academic assignments. Users can shorten their URL URLs using a variety of its capabilities. The system and the web application’s ideas are simple, well-implemented, and somewhat reminiscent of previous programs. Please scroll down to the bottom of this page for the Get button if you would like to download the free URL Shortener project in Node.js, MongoDB, and source code files.

About URL Shortener NodeJS Project

Moving on, this Nodejs MongoDB URL Shortener project primarily deals with shortening URL URLs. The program also shows every single URL that has been shortened in the past 24 hours. This program lacks an admin panel. The user only has to paste URL links for URL shortening in the overview of this web application. The system then gives the user a truncated URL. With straightforward same methods to follow, everything is the same as other URL shorteners. Additionally, the program shows a 24-hour history of all shortening URL successes.

Last but not least, for a better user experience when using this URL Shortener project in Node.js MongoDB, a clear and straightforward dashboard is offered for presenting information with several color combinations. No CSS frameworks other than Vanilla CSS are used for its UI components. Introducing a new URL shortener application project in Node.js with a user panel that covers all the key elements to keep an eye on and is a helpful learning resource.

Installation Procedure:

  • After you finish downloading the project, unzip the project file.
  • There you’ll see a file named “keys.js”.
  • Insert your own MongoDB URI credentials on it.
  • Back to the root folder, open up Terminal/Command Prompt/Git Bash -> Install all the dependencies: npm install
  • Then, after completion -> npm run dev to run the server in development mode and npm start for production mode.
  • Open your favorite browser and head over to “”

And there you have it, a full setup of the URL Shortener project in Nodejs MongoDB. For this particular Nodejs project, you need to have your own MongoDB URI Credentials. As well as Nodejs installed on your local machine. So, users without such credentials and Nodejs won’t be able to use the application. As a result, you should consider installing NodeJS on your machine if you haven’t. Download Free URL Shortener Application Project in NodeJS MongoDB with Source Code. So, this URL Shortener is a basic project for all the beginner levels that broads vast knowledge into such Nodejs web applications. In conclusion, this whole Node.js project with free source code is an absolute project and a meaningful way for the users to learn and explore more about it.

Free Download URL Shortener in NodeJS MongoDB with Source Code:
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