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Vehicle Parking Management System In Python With Source Code

A simple Python project based on the parking system for vehicles, using PyQT for the GUI. All of the essential elements that first- and second-year IT students need for their academic tasks are provided by the Python with PyQT project. Thanks to its features, all users will be able to connect with their parking spaces about their information and slot numbers. This system’s concept and the Python application’s execution of it are clear, precise, and excellent. If you would like to download the free Python project for a car parking management system, including source code files, please scroll down to the bottom of this article for the Get button.

About Vehicle Parking Management System Project

Moving on, the client parking information, including their number and place, is the main focus of this Python project for a car parking system. The system also allows for the addition of data about the automobile owner, such as their contact information, vehicle category, and vehicle number. However, in this instance, the system automatically creates a slot for the reservation when the automobile information is provided until the vehicle departs. To indicate free and occupied parking spots, respectively, the system employs the colors green and red. All of the parked cars are displayed in the manage vehicles section of this app’s overview, from where the user may also cancel parking after it is complete.

Vehicle Management and Parking History

Additionally, the system displays the whole history of each two- and four-wheeler parking. The administrator must also calculate the total number of parking places for both two- and four-wheelers during installation. On the other hand, the system logs the current time when a vehicle record is added for parking and computes the total time once the parking records are erased. All of these time stamps, as well as the customer’s name, contact information, vehicle identification number, and dates of parking, are shown in the history section of the system.

Last but not least, a simple and transparent GUI with uncomplicated color schemes is offered for enhanced user experience when using this Python-based car parking management system. Qt is a cross-platform GUI toolkit, with PyQT providing the user interface elements. Introducing a new Python project for a parking system with a user interface that has all the required features and a useful learning tool.

Available Features:
  • Add Vehicle Records
  • Manage Vehicle Parking
  • Available and Empty Parking Indicator
  • List parking history
  • Vehicle Category
  • Total Parking Time Stamp
Project Name:Vehicle Parking Management System
Language/s Used:Python
Python version (Recommended):2.x or 3.x
Type:Python Application
project overview

Instructions: How to Run?

  • After you finish downloading the project, unzip the project file and head over to the project root folder.
  • You can also create a Virtual Environment and Activate it.
  • Open your Terminal/Command Prompt on the project’s root folder.
  • Install the Requirements: pip install -r requirements.txt.
  • Then, make database migrations: python makemigrations
  • python migrate
  • And finally, after a successful migration run the application: python runserver
  • At last, open up your favorite web browser
  • Go to URL “[ PORT_NUMBER ]/“
  • For the Admin Panel credentials, you have to create one with a superuser.

There you have it—a complete setup for the Python-based Vehicle Parking Management System Project. Python Version 2.x or 3.x is needed for this specific Python project. It can yet be expanded to include more features to make it more complete. Free Python Project on Vehicle Parking Management System with Source Code. In light of this, this vehicle parking system is a quick and easy Python project for all beginning and intermediate levels that broadens knowledge into such Python applications. As a whole, this open-source Python project is an excellent one that offers users a useful opportunity to learn more about it.

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